About openSSI webView

openSSI webView is a simple and easy-to-use openSSI cluster monitoring system. Its goal is to provide a quick overview of the cluster state, by graphing vital functions and graphically representing key figures. It allows the cluster administrator to keep an eye on the cluster health and usage rate, to quick view each node state and load, and to watch, and even migrate, users processes all accross the cluster. openSSI webView nice features are:

This code has been developed with the hope it could be useful to openSSI clusters administrators, by providing a simple but efficient monitoring tool, and to openSSI developers, by revealing effects of eventual bugs on memory consumption, network traffic, and so on.

  • special thanks to Tobi Oetiker, the creator of the powerful and limitless RRDTool,
  • thanks to Dariusz Arciszewski, for its eyecandy KrystalKurve icons,
  • and a big thanks to all openSSI developers, who are giving the community a wonderful clustering solution.

current version: 0.2